Building A Community
On Book+Main Bites

February 1, 2018

We have some exciting new features coming to Book+Main Bites!

Coming soon, we’re bringing you more ways to connect with your favorite authors with the introduction of Author Posts. In addition to Bites, Authors will be able to create Posts that range from cover reveals to teasers to inspirational pictures and more. You’ll want to stop by daily so you don’t miss out!

Posts will go in the “Shared” feed {which will be renamed} on the main page. You’ll be able to comment on these posts {and reply to your friends in threads} and also have the ability to “like” comments. The feature will be very familiar as it’s similar to platforms you currently use every day, making it easy to jump right in.

Book+Main’s primary goal is to bring the romance book world together to share our love of amazing stories. With this feature, we hope it will give authors and readers a reason to come back more often and an opportunity to build a stronger community, while still preserving our main objective of keeping this site all about the books.

In case you missed it…

We’ve been trying to get the word out, but if you missed it, you can now update your genre and max flame threshold preferences in your profile settings. This is a critical step to ensure that the Discover feed is tailored to exactly what you love to read.

Your Q&As Answered

Why can’t I make posts? There is definitely a social media component to Book+Main, but we view it as a communication tool for authors and a discovery tool for readers first and foremost. After many conversations with readers and authors alike, we heard over and over again that they were sick of the drama and politics of other social media platforms. We’ve always wanted Book+Main to be about the books—and only books. By keeping content creation in the hands of the authors, we feel we’ll be able to maintain that goal. You can interact with your favorite authors and new authors by liking and commenting on Posts and sharing Bites. In fact, we encourage you to interact often.

If I can share a Bite why can’t I share a post? There are already thousands of authors on Book and Main, and it will only continue to grow. We want you to have the opportunity to see Bites and Posts from all or your favorite authors. If a massive group of readers were to share one author’s post {release information, cover reveal, giveaway, etc.} your Posts feed could be cluttered with hundreds of that one thing, burying your potential to connect with additional authors, readers, and content you love and want to see.

We have literally hundreds of additional features that we will be adding to B+M over the coming months. We encourage your feedback and are always here to listen. If you have anything you’d like to share with us, please email us at