B+M Member Spotlight
Rockstar Reader: Michelle Rodriguez

February 9, 2018 ● spotlight

Book+Main Bites is more than a website. It’s a community of people who have come together over a shared interest—romance novels. From readers to authors to bloggers and other industry professionals, Book+Main Bites is where the romance book world comes to connect. A home created exclusively for us.

From time to time, we’d like to introduce you to different members of our community, find out a little bit more about them and how they use the site, and shine a light on exactly what makes us who we are—our members. First up, is an amazing Rockstar Reader, Michelle Rodriguez.

1. How did you hear about Book+Main Bites?

I‘ve been friends on Facebook with one of the founders for almost two years. {And we met in New York last year!} She briefly told me about the premise which I thought would be a great outlet for readers like myself to not only find deleted, bonus scenes and/or teasers for our favorite authors, but to find new ones as well.

2. Tell us a few new authors you’ve found through Bites on Book+Main.

So far I have found Eli Carter {via Mae Wood}, M. Piper and H.Q. Frost, and Santino Hassell. I have yet to read any of their books {except for Santino, as I have read two of his books}, but their Bites have intrigued me, so I bookmark their Bites so I can go back to them.

3. Tell us what genres/sub-genres or keywords you typically search.

It all depends what I am in the mood for, but my go-to would be Erotica first because I really enjoy that genre. If I am looking for a friends-to-lovers, or NA or YA, etc., then I narrow my search accordingly. But the search is one of my favorite things about Book+Main—I love that I can search for and find exactly what I want, when I want it.

4. Any authors you wish were on Book+Main that aren’t?

Not at this time, I think the authors that I have on my list are all there. Maybe Tiffany Reisz would be great to have as she has some amazing books!

5. What’s your favorite feature on Book+Main?

Can I say all of them? But if you’re going to really make me choose, it would probably be the Discover feature. I can read Bites from new-to-me authors, and I will bookmark their Bite.

6. Go to your profile and tell us who the last author was that you shared a Bites for.

The last Bite I shared was for a f/f scene from Closet Doors by M. Piper.

7. Who is your most shared author?

Hands down, Kate Canterbary. I have been a fan of her books for almost four years and she has the most delicious Bites ever.

8. What do you think of the new Author Post functionality coming later this month? What are you most excited about?

I personally cannot wait for this function to go live and here’s why—most readers such as myself, will go on Facebook to try to find out when the next release is for a particular author. As you may know, Facebook has yet again changed their algorithms. Before, an author could post about upcoming releases or pop in a teaser on their author page and we were able to see it on our timelines. Now, unless you are Facebook friends with a particular author, you would not know they are having a new release unless said author posts about it on their personal page. It’s exciting to know that B+M will have these posts and that no content will be hidden. Even the photos used, whether in a Bite or a post, I know will be tastefully done. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a little sexy picture, I am an adult reading adult books, but Facebook has become quite ridiculous with their “Bot Police” {that’s my politically correct name for them} and banning authors or even readers for posting pictures with a little skin. Can you tell I am a little annoyed with Facebook? lol

I cannot wait for more book interactions with the authors, readers and bloggers for sure. Who knows, I may discover a new-to-me author and add to my ever growing TBR list. If you haven’t noticed, I am a bit obsessed with sharing Bites. I do not go on every day to B+M {although that might change with the new posts}, but when I do, watch out because I go on a sharing frenzy!

I cannot wait to see an actual takeover happening at B+M—the content will definitely be worthy of engaging more participation for sure. I have to say that I have met some wonderful readers when I hosted takeovers when I was blogging and/or when I participated in an author takeover. I truly have been blessed and honored to call them my friends. I still get asked for book recommendations, so if I can make new friends and connect with new readers at B+M, well that’s just an added bonus.

During the day, Michelle deals with the legal misfits she kindly calls the attorneys at her work. Michelle is happily married to her Army Veteran husband of 14 years and is the proud mother of a beautiful 13-year-old daughter. While she’s not busy working, taking care of her home, or running around taking her daughter to the many after school activities, Michelle is reading a ton of books and recommending her favorite reads/authors. She affectionately calls herself a smut peddler. When you see her B+M profile picture {see below}, you will understand why she calls herself Wonder Woman.​ To follow Michelle on Book+Main Bites, click here!