How to Grow your Book+Main Following

February 16, 2018

Many have asked what the future of Book+Main holds for bloggers. We’re building B+M Bites from the ground up specifically for the romance community. Bloggers are a critical part of this community and it is absolutely our goal to ensure that they have a home at B+M. Our long-term plans are to take bloggers’ needs and specific goals into consideration, but we want to do it right. What we suggest at this time is to set up a reader account for your blog and begin building your following now. Below are four tips to help you get started.

1. Build Your Profile

Make sure your picture and bio are updated on B+M. Include the link to your FB page or blog so that new followers will find you everywhere. The more information you have filled out, the more likely others are to interact with you. Don’t have a profile? Register at

2. Be Active

Share your favorite Bites and encourage your followers to do the same. Interact with readers by liking Bites they share. Comment on author Bites {and coming soon author Posts}. The more active you are, the more people will follow you.

3. Support Authors

Want to increase affiliate profits? Cross promote authors’ Bites on Facebook. Share a screenshot of the Bite that coordinates with the book you want to support and share it on Facebook with your affiliate link. If you have to turn down a request to review, ask them if they have a Bite up on Book+Main. Read it and if you like it, share it across social media platforms.

​4. Discover New Authors

Use the Discover feature to find new authors. Make a weekly post on Facebook about authors to watch. You can base it around Bites that you found and loved. It’s a great way to show you love finding new authors and you’ll support them even if you can’t commit to a review. PS. This is a great way to grow your affiliate profits too!

We are dedicated to making Book+Main the premier site for the Romance community. If you have questions/comments/feedback, please reach out to us at