Anatomy of a Post
The Dos & Don’ts of the perfect Post

May 22, 2018 ● author, how-to, faq, tutorial

One of the goals of Book+Main is to always change, always improve, and to give our users new ways to connect with one another. One of the most exciting changes we’ve made since we launched in November 2017, is the introduction of Posts.

Like Bites, Posts are designed to connect authors with readers and readers with authors. The goal is to build a positive, drama-free community—with your existing readers, and with the ones you find through your Bites.

But how do you do that? There are many ways to use Posts to your advantage, and to help you find what works best for you, here are some tips on what to do—and what not to do.


The great thing about Posts is that there are very few limitations on what you can share. While Bites are designed to introduce readers to your books, Posts are designed to introduce your readers to YOU. With that in mind:

Do: Share Sales, New Releases, Cover Reveals, Muses/Inspiration, Updates on Life, Funny Memes . . . If you have something to say that can’t be shared as a Bite, then Posts is the place to be. Consider it your playground for keeping in touch with your readers.
Don’t: Bring the drama—we want to keep Book+Main free from the negativity that’s prevalent across the Internet. But don’t focus ONLY on promoting your books, however. Readers don’t want to see ad after ad—they want to feel like you’re welcoming them into the Behind-the-Scenes, too. Keep your content diverse; keep your readers happy.

We want you to get to know your readers, and encourage them to get to know you, too. Did your toddler say something funny? Post about it! Have you found a hot new model to follow? Post about it! Are you starting a new book? Post about it!


Once you’ve captured your readers’ interest with a 99c Sale, a HOT Teaser or a Cover Reveal, make sure they can find out more. Here’s how:

Do: Link your Post to a book and/or a Bite. You’ve told them that your latest release is now LIVE, and they want to know more—so give them more by linking your Post to a Bite, so they can get a taste of your writing, and/or the book, so they can one-click immediately.
Don’t: Link every post to the same Bite—be diverse, and feel free to show off your talent. And definitely don’t link your Post to a book or Bite if you don’t have the rights to the image you’re using. Save that photo of your muse for a separate Post, because we don’t want you to get in trouble.


Does your image have text? Posts is the place to share it! Does your content have no image at all? Posts is the place to share it! What else do you need to know? Just this:

Do: Make sure your image is square-sized, and less than 5MB in size. Posts will prompt you to crop your image to fit the square shape, but remember, there are apps and tools that can be used to make it work, so if it’s a Cover Reveal you’re sharing, you can be sure your book is seen to best advantage.
Don’t: Share overtly graphic images. Like Bites, NO exposed privates are allowed. Beyond that, you’re free to share whatever you’d like, but just remember, if you’re linking your Post to a book or a Bite, you will be asked to verify that you own the rights to use the image in question.


You’re ready now, right? You’ve read the dos and the memorized the don’ts, and the time has come to Post, but where do you do that?

Posts can be made from your Book+Main app, or from your browser. That means, whether inspiration strikes in the middle of grocery shopping or after you’ve written the funniest/best line ever in your WIP, you’re only moments away from a Post.
From the app, tap on your Posts tab in your Feed or on your Profile.
From a browser, click on the Posts tab in your Feed or on your Profile, or head into your Dashboard and click “Create New Post”.

Overwhelmed, or still have questions about Posts? You can contact us at or any time you like—we want to make sure experience with Book+Main is the very best it can be.