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May 22, 2018 ● author, faq, how-to, tutorial

About Book+Main


What is Book+Main?

Simply put, Book+ Main is a discovery tool for romance readers, designed to help readers and authors connect.


How is Book+Main different from other social media sites?

Our platform is a discovery tool. Although there are social media aspects, you’re not diluted with other genres, brands, news, politics, etc.


With so many other places to post, why choose Book+Main?

We are forward thinking. Our site will be nimble, anticipate the ever-changing needs of this industry and we’ll grow with it—if not pave the way in some areas. We’ll adapt to the market and quickly.


Is B+M affiliated with Amazon?

We have an affiliate account, but beyond that, no. We’re transparent about the ways in which we monetize, because we will NEVER stifle your reach as a means of making money. We don’t believe that’s a win-win for all parties {readers included} and it’s simply not the way we work.

We ask for ISBN or ASIN, {since some authors don’t have ISBNs}, as that’s the way in which you’re able to add your books to your page.We also use AWS {Amazon Web Services} for cloud hosting. They’re amongst the most reliable out there. Thousands of corporations use them for that.


Are Indie Authors Welcome?

Book+Main is a spot for ALL romance authors—Indie, Traditionally Published, Hybrid, Established, New.


I know in the past you’ve mentioned incorporating more genres. Any time table on that?

We definitely have plans to expand, but we are fully committed to focusing on romance and getting it right before we expand.


How Does It Work?


What is a Bite?

A Bite is actual content. An excerpt, a deleted scene, bonus material, etc. Bites can be from WIPs, already published books, or content exclusive to Book+Main. Think of it this way: if you wouldn’t put it in a book, don’t put it in a Bite. Save your sales and cover reveals for Posts. {See below for more information on Posts.} For more information on Bites, please read our blog post, Anatomy of a Bite: //


How long are Bites?

We recommend that most Bites fall somewhere between 500-1,500 words. That seems to be a sweet spot for a quick read and enough of a taste for a reader to either want to find other related Bites by the same author or simply buy the book.


Can multiple Bites be posted for each book?

You can post as many Bites per book as you’d like. We do restrict author posts to 3x Bites in any 24-hour period, because we feel that quality trumps quantity and we want those of you that are thoughtful about your content not to get drowned out by spammers.


Can you schedule a Bite?

Yes, there is an option to schedule a Bite in the Author Dashboard.


Can I post a Bite from the app?

No, Bites must be posted from a browser.


Where to Bites go once they are posted?

Bites go to the Bites feed on the main page of anyone who is following you and on your own Bites tab on your profile page. Bites also go to the Discover feed.


How do readers find my Bites?

There are several ways for readers to find Bites. Readers that follow you automatically see your Bites in their Bites feed. Readers can also see shared Bites from other readers they follow. Bites are also found in the Discover feed- this is one way new readers can find you. Readers can also find your Bites using the searching for keywords and hashtags.


What are Posts?

Posts are cover reveals, teasers, giveaways, inspirational pictures, etc. They can be found in the Community section of Book+Main Bites. You can link your Posts to Bites and to your books. Posts are very similar to what you are used to on other Social Media platforms. For more information on Post, please read our blog post, Anatomy of a Post: //


Where do Posts go once they are posted?

Posts go into the Community feed on the main page and are also displayed on the Posts tab on your profile page.


Can you schedule Posts?

Currently, Posts cannot be scheduled—but they canbe posted from either the Book+Main App or your browser, which means you can post on the go.


How do readers find my Posts?

Readers that follow you see your Posts in their Community feed.


How are Bites and Posts organized? Chronologically?

Bites are ordered by published date, in descending order.


What are flame ratings and how do they work?

All Bites are rated by the author with a 1-5 Flame Rating. The higher the flame, the hotter the Bite. This doesn’t rate the overall content of the book, just the content you have shared.

Book ratings can be set in your Dashboard, by clicking on “My Books” and editing your book’s information.


How does the search function work?

Readers can use the search function to find you and your Bites. By typing in your name or Book+Main user name, readers can follow you. This will put all of your Bites in the reader’s Bites feed and all of your Posts in the reader’s Community feed.


Readers can also use the search function to find new content. By assigning keywords to your Bites, readers can find you when searching for content that relates to Bites you have posted to the site.


What is the Discover Feed?

This is where readers find new authors and content. The Discover feed caters to a reader’s likes, such as favorite genres and desired flame rating (chosen at registration). If your Bites/writing are complementary to their choices, your content will show up in their Discover feed.

Will readers be able to add their own Bites or Posts?

No, on Book+Main Bites, Authors are the Content Creators. Readers can share their favorite Bites along with a short summary on why they’ve chosen to share it, however, they are notable to create new ones.


Can readers control the types of books they choose?

Yes. When you sign-up for a Book+Main account, you are given the option to select your favorite genres and your desired Flame Rating. This allows readers to curate their feed by removing Bites that don’t match their needs from their feed. Genres and Flame Rating can be edited/amended from a user’s profile at any time.


Are Bites and Posts Interactive? 
Readers and Authors can comment, like, and share Bites. Shared Bites will appear in the Community feed.


Are there photo restrictions?

For Bites and Posts linked to a book or a Bite, images posted on must be stock images or images you have purchased the rights to use. There is a 10 MB maximum for images, and we recommend images for Bites be 1200px by 900px. Please note: Images for Posts must be square-shaped. There are several great apps and online tools to “square” your image!


What is a Link Preview and how does it work?

You have the ability to share B+M links on other social media platforms and a preview will populate. This will help readers who maybe haven’t joined B+M see what the platform is about. And a plus to you, they can see a portion of your Bite.


Can we control the interaction on Bites and Posts?

Authors will have the ability to delete any comment on their Bites from other users and/or flag user comments. Repeat offenders will be blocked from the site.


How Can Authors Track Interaction?

This is in the works. Right now, you can view the number of likes and comments each Bite has received by accessing your Dashboard and clicking on “Published” under the Bites tabs.

In the near future, we hope that author dashboards will also show further interaction with individual Bites and profiles, such as how many views your Bite has had, or how many clicks to the bookseller platforms your Bite produced. This will include interactions where a reader may not like, comment or share a Bite, but views a Bite and clicks through to a retailer. We are engaging allreaders on B+M and many don’t currently use social media as a way to interact with authors. This will show you that even if you don’t have the likes and shares you’re accustomed to, you’re getting the engagement the way the platform was designed {link clicks to the retailers that ultimately should result in sales}.


Cost Information


Does the monthly fee for authors mean the Bites the authors post will be shown to all their followers, i.e. no additional costs to reach the entire audience?

Yes! We do not ascribe to the Paid versus Organic reach paradigm and never will. We do not believe that that it is sustainable long-term. In the future, authors will have the ability to target those readers that do NOT follow them but are readers of similar books/genres based on their interaction with other Bites based on keywords.


Aside from the monthly fee, do they plan to charge authors to add content/post? 
No. Authors are charged a flat monthly fee {$9/mo. or $99/yr.}. However, we do restrict author posts to 3x over any 24-hour period, because we feel that quality trumps quantity and we want those of you that are thoughtful about your content not to get drowned out by spammers.


What is the cost to authors for Book+Main? What is the cost to readers?

We’ve gone back and forth with this, but we feel that right now is the time for growth. We are committed to building out the Author Dashboard with additional metrics to PROVE the ROI before we charge a penny. As stated earlier, we care about this community and want to see this succeed for all of us. THERE IS NO TIME FRAME SET FOR SUBSCRIPTION COSTS.

Readers are not charged for an account with Book+Main, and never will be.


Troubleshooting Information


I entered my email address incorrectly when registering for Book+Main. Can you update it for me?

Yes, please send an email to support@bookandmain.comwith the subject line “Incorrect Email Address” and please include your username *and* the correct email address within the body of the email.


I can’t login to my account anymore, where I was able to previously. What should I do?

Try using your username to login to your account. This is different to your email address. If that does not work, please click “Forgot Password”. If you are still experiencing trouble, please email support@bookandmain.comand include your username and email address, along with a brief description of the problem you are experiencing.


I registered as an author, but cannot find where to post Bites. Can you help me?

All author accounts mustgo through the verification process, which can take up to 7 days to complete. Once you sign-up for Book+Main, you will receive access to the site as a reader. This gives you time to explore and familiarize yourself with Book+Main. When your account is verified, you will receive an email confirmation and be given access to the Author Dashboard. From there, you can post Bites and Posts, edit your books, and read through the Author Tutorial and various resources to help you best utilize the platform.


The image I am uploading has no text, yet when I try to post, I see an error message stating that it does. Why?

The filter we have in place to identify text can be a little sensitive. Please try resaving or cropping your image, and uploading it again. If you are still experiencing an issue, please email support@bookandmain.comand include your username and email address, along with a copy of the image you are trying to upload.


I posted three Bites yesterday and only two today, but it is telling me I have reached my three Bite limit for the day. What do I do?

The Book+Main clock works on a 24-hour basis. This means you cannot post more than three Bites within any 24-hour period. Check to see the time of your last posted Bite from yesterday—if it was less than 24-hours ago, you’ll need to wait a little while longer before you can add another Bite.


I didn’t realize that my username would be public and would like to change it. Can I do that?

Yes, user names and email addresses can be changed in your Profile, by clicking on “Edit Profile & Settings.” However, if you have any questions or encounter any issues, please email


I made an error with my username and would like to have it corrected. Is that possible?

Yes, as above, you can edit your user name by accessing your Profile. However, if you are unable to log into your account because of an incorrect user name, please email


I would like to delete my account, but cannot see an option to do so. What do I do?

We’re sorry to see you go! You can delete your account by accessing your Profile and clicking on “Edit Profile & Settings.” There is a link to delete your account at the bottom, so make sure to scroll down.


I signed up as a reader, but am now a published author and would like to change my account. How do I do that?

Congratulations! Please send a PM to the Book+Main Facebook Page, and make sure to include your username, email address and a link to one of your books on iTunes, Kobo or Amazon. Please note: your first book must already be published in order to be upgraded to an Author account.


My books are for sale on other platforms, but I can only link to iTunes, Kobo and Amazon. Is there a way to link to other retailers?

For the time being, we only offer iTunes, Kobo, Amazon and Audible links, however it is our desire to add additional retailers in the future. We will be keeping all Book+Main users posted about changes to the system, so be sure to follow our Facebook page: //


I received an email stating that there was a problem with one of my Bites. Why?

In order to keep Book+Main content-based and fair for all users, we have in place several requirements for posting Bites. Please read the Anatomy of a Bitepost on our Blog for the DOs and DON’Ts. If you are unsure, you can email us at support@bookandmain.comand ask for assistance. We are always happy to help!


I am having trouble with my account, what do I do?

Please email support@bookandmain.comand include in your message your Book+Main User Name, email address and any info you can provide on the problem you are experiencing. Screenshots and browser information are vital to trouble-shooting the problem ASAP, so if you are able to provide those, please do!


I have feedback/suggestions to make Book+Main even better, where should I send it?

If you have feedback on your Book+Main experience, we want to hear it! Please email us at Our goal is to listen to our users in the hopes of making our site the best it can be, however changes do take time, so again, we ask for your patience as we continue to work on Book+Main.


Do I have to pay to use Book+Main?

Readers accounts are—and always will be—free. Author accounts willhave a monthly or yearly subscription fees, however, subscription fees have been waived indefinitely while we work on our 2.0 Development Phase. Please note: once fees are implemented, youwill receive a minimum of two weeks notice to decide if you’d like to continue using the platform.