Fourth of July Recommendations
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July 3, 2018

Recommendations from friends are great, but how often do you find that your tastes differ? At Book+Main, you get to sample the story to ensure it’s exactly what YOU want!

With the Fourth of July approaching, we took to Book+Main’s search feature to find our holiday reads! We wanted something military themed so we used the keywords, Military, Military men, and Navy. We found some GEMS and we thought we’d share them with you. But don’t take our word for it—check out the Bites below and find the one that speaks to YOU!

P.S. the titles below are the Bite titles NOT the book titles. To find out which book these Bites are taken from, head to

I’m Done by Lindsay Cross
Hoyt Crowe tilted back the bottle of whiskey as he faced his reflection the bedroom mirror. The man staring back was so poisonous he destroyed everything around him…friends…family…and, fucking worst of all, himself.
Hoyt didn’t deserve to be alive—not anymore.

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Keywords: Alpha Male, Angsty, Emotional, Friends-to-Lovers, Military Men

Self-control is Overrated… by Jules Dixon
Small, warm fingers slipped under my outstretched hand, and I gave a light squeeze. “Not all of it. Why?”
“What do you remember?”
“I remember lying down on your sofa waiting for a beer, and I remember waking up width my arms around a beautiful woman, and not much else.”
“Rahl, what if I…what if I wasn’t beautiful everywhere on my body?” The snag in her voice was pained.
“What do you mean?”

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Keywords: Cancer, Contemporary, Military Men, Motorcycle Men, Pregnancy

Former Army Ranger Takes on Twin Toddlers by Pamela Clare
Babysitting toddlers was not for the weak.
Jesse discovered this during the ten minutes of constant wailing that had followed Ellie’s leaving the house. Eventually he—with the help from Sesame Street—managed to sooth Daisy and Daniel. Four hours had gone by, and so far, no one had been killed or injured. He considered that success.
But the evening wasn’t over yet.

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Keywords: Contemporary, Military Men, Small Town, Widows/Widowers

A Good Friend by Liz Durano
As I get Tyler cleaned up in the tub, I tell myself not to hurry, but it’s useless. It feels like my heart and my body are doing their own thing even as my mind is busy telling everything below to calm down. I’m suddenly jumpy, like I’m going on my first date.
He’s only washing the dishes, Alma. Goodness!
Half an hour later, I step out of Tyler’s nursery and find Sawyer drying the last of the dishes and putting them away in the cupboard. Tall, broad shoulders, slim hips, he’s perfect in every way. He even puts the dishes away.

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Keywords: Angsty, Blue Collar, Friends-to-Lovers, Military Men, Single Mom

I Don’t Stand a Chance by Kandi Steiner
“Guess who,” Corbin’s rich, melty voice breathes in my ear. I practically orgasm right there, he’s even sexy the I can’t see him.
“Hmm, could it be my knight in shining armor? Or is it just another client in a clever disguise?” I wheel around and smile up at Corbin, but before I can say anything else, his lips are on mine. He slips his tongue in my mouth and massages mine gently, his hands on either side of my face. It’s a little steam for the office, but I’m a little pas caring at this point.

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Keywords: Angsty, Badasses, Contemporary, Military Men, Strong Woman

Right There, Baby by Sha Renée
“As an officer, I consider myself a man of integrity. I don’t cheat, lie, or steal. I don’t break the rules.”
Her eyebrows furrowed, but she remained quiet.
“By continuing what we have—this relationship that I love—I’m disrespecting the Navy. We both are. It’s wrong.”
“Where is this coming from?” Her indignant words started as a whisper. “We agreed that we’d be discreet. No one knows. We’re not hurting anyone.” The desperation in her voice twisted my insides.

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Keywords: Diverse Characters, Forbidden, Military, Navy

He’s Also a Giant Pain in the Ass by Corinne Michaels
What the actual fuck?
How in the hell did he find me? This makes no sense. I haven’t talked to him in two weeks while I’ve been working on my own things. I didn’t tell him I’d be at my father’s gala. I didn’t tell anyone. This is completely unacceptable. Stalker much?
My entire body is tense as my mother beams at us both. She has no clue that we know each other. My blood is boiling. He shouldn’t be here. This is my family.
He’s gone one step too far, but at the same time a thrill rushes through me.

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Keywords: Alpha Male, Enemies-to-Lovers, Military Men, Strong Woman, Suspense