Industry Spotlight
Photographer and Cover Designer: Regina Wamba

October 2, 2018

The process of publishing a book is so much more than merely writing it. From editing to proofing, blurb writing to marketing, publishing is a full-time job. Authors are continually trying to find new ways to stand out, and covers are one way to hit the mark. One of the first experiences a reader has with a book is the cover. Book+Main recently caught up with photographer and cover artist, Regina Wamba for an exclusive interview. We’ve gushed over her designs for years and wanted to get her take on the cover process.

How long have you worked in the romance book world?

I have worked in the publishing industry since about 2010!


What was your first cover?

Rocket by Bruce Were it actually was an autobiography! My first romance that really garnered attention was The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen.


Do you have a favorite cover?

HA! Oh man! That’s a tough question! I have some favorites or ones I’ve favored, but it’s hard to choose. I would say, Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, Blind the Eyes by KA Wiggens, Perspective Change by Jannet Cassas, More than Memories by NE Henderson, Darken the Stars by Amy Bartol, and many more.


How does an author go about getting on your schedule?

Just by emailing me or finding me on facebook! or //


What services do you offer?

For authors: Custom book cover design, Custom Photoshoots, Book Trailers, Exclusive Stock Images, Non-Exclusive Stock Images, and Instagram Ready Stock Images. lays out all my services.


What’s your latest project?

I’m currently working on bringing more diversity & body types to the stock realm. I wanted to give the opportunity for authors & designers to have a place where there is black princesses, biracial badasses and Latina queens, and interracial couples! There is so much diversity in the world, why wouldn’t we show it in our artwork & stories?
I’m also working on an inspirational book of images that I hope to debut in the book to help spark the imagination of authors.


Any graphics advise you can give debut authors?

Yes! Don’t overdo it. Keep it simple and to the point. Keep to the point and keep the branding that you’ve established in your graphics.


What’s the new trend in book covers?

I’m seeing a lot of Urban Fantasy novels coming up, and in Romance, I’m seeing a lot of artistic male model covers. A lot of darker tones mixed with bright fonts & textures.


Anything you want our followers to know about you?

I have three kids, I love Samoa cookies from girl scouts, my dog Lucy is obsessed with ice cubes, Halloween is my favorite holiday, I plan to travel the world, I’m an eternal optimist, and I hate socks and pumpkin spice (don’t hate me) lol.


Regina’s work is incredible. Some of our favorite covers were created by her. Check out these three!