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October 12, 2018

Who doesn’t love EXCLUSIVE CONTENT? We do, and we are thrilled to share some of the chapter reveals, excerpts, deleted scenes, and serials posted this week only on Book+Main! Enjoy, and don’t forget to like, comment, share, and give that author a follow so you never miss a Bite.

Spice by Mandi Beck

“Hey, Sugar. I was just about to call you.” “Is that so?” I can hear the sleep in her voice. “You just wakin’¬†up?” A quick glance at the clock tells me it’s only seven thirty in the morning in Austin. There’s some rustling and groaning on the other end. I can just imagine her rolling around in our big bed, naked, warm…naked… [read more]

Can’t Text This by Teagan Hunter

“Shit. You okay?” “I’m good, just hit my head on the soap dispenser. Don’t stop.” The stranger chuckles. “Didn’t plan on it, Monty.” I giggle when he says my name, partially because I’m a little tipsy, and partially because it reminds me of when he first said it. “Hey, I’m Monty.” “Hi, Monty. Wanna see my python?” He uttered the words with a cocky grin, and I was a goner… [read more]

Waiting for Autumn by JA Derouen

Isaac looks around the deserted coffee house and shrugs. The last of the customers filtered out about twenty minutes ago. “Mind if I head to the house, Uncle Seb? Mom’s supposed to call me in thirty minutes, and I want to shower before then.” He shoves the notebook into his book sack and tosses it over his shoulder. School doesn’t start for another month, and the kid’s already toting his book sack around. See what I mean? Perfect… [read more]


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