B+M Member Spotlight
Brilliant Blogger: Karen Hulseman

October 18, 2018 ● spotlight, blogger

Book+Main Bites is more than a website. It’s a community of people who have come together over a shared interest—romance novels. From readers to authors to bloggers and other industry professionals, Book+Main Bites is where the romance book world comes to connect. A home created exclusively for us.

From time to time, we’d like to introduce you to different members of our community, find out a little bit more about them and how they use the site, and shine a light on exactly what makes us who we are—our members. Today we bring you, a Brilliant Blogger, Karen Hulseman

1. Why do you love Book+Main Bites?

To be honest, I have only a handful of friends that I have an exact reading match when it comes to romance stories. Other times it’s hit or miss. Nothing against the reader; the suggestion just did or didn’t work for me. Everyone knows the scenario: “I’m looking for a book that is second chance, single dad preferred, rom-com-ish but not too silly, and the heroine be professional” in a reader group forum. The recommendations come pouring in. Can you tell from the synopsis or sample is this story for you? I can then take the recommendation, go to Book+Main and read several bites from the author. I can get a feel for the storytelling by reading the bite. Does this author appeal to me? Did the bite and their comments spike my interest? I find a better fit that makes me a happy purchaser for a story I’ll enjoy.
Other times, I have no idea what I want to read next. I’ll log on and see what has been recently posted. Bite titles and keywords will spark my interest and then I can easily purchase through the app. Not a lot of back and forth between tabs or apps. All in one convenient place.

2. How do you use Book+Main Bites as a blogger?

I use it to find ‘new-to-me’ authors. When you sign up for a blog tour, you are signing up for promotional commitment for that story. Not the best time to see if it’s a ‘good fit’. I’m a mood reader. Often I’m after something suspenseful but yet new to me. I can go out search “Thriller” and come up with a bite from Ashleigh Giannoccaro (her Encore Bite is gripping) to then add to my TBR. I can share the bite to my followers and see if anyone has read previous works. It gives me the opportunity to interact with readers on a specific author/book without having to hunt for a post like other platforms.

3. Are there any tips you can give to other bloggers on how to get started on Book+Main Bites?

Set up your profile. DO IT. Link it to your website. Then start telling your followers you are on Book+Main. Then interact with them on Book+Main.

4. Any authors you wish were on Book+Main that aren’t?

Brenda Rothert and Katy Regnery. They are two of my auto-one-clicks. I’d be sharing the bites like peanuts at a ballgame.
PS: I would like the following authors to start doing more bites – Natasha Madison and Jessica Peterson, I’m looking at you.

5. What’s your favorite feature on Book+Main?

I love that the design is separate for bites versus feed. Some days I’m on a bite hunt. Others I may want to know what’s going on in Authors I follow. Rather than like other social media formats where everything is jumbled and not searchable. Wait you meant my two favorite- of course, I love the search function. I can go straight to search and pull up what I am looking for- be it author or particular trope.

6. Go to your profile and tell us who the last author was that you shared a Bite for.

Niecey Roy – I was on the search for Small Town Romance.

7. What features would you love to see on Book+Main in the future?

I’d love to see bloggers be able to do labels to bites as a short-cut review. Similar to metatags authors use for describing a book, using a metatag for how we liked a story. Such as “engaging”, “page-turner”, “classic”, “ugly cry”.

A bit about Karen…

I’ve been a blogger since the time we referred to them as ‘home pages’. Two years ago, I decided to focus solely on romance with the launch of My Own Bookshelves. I’m a very eclectic blog with subjects I like to talk about ranging from blog tours to read-alongs.

I’m also an author assistant and contributor on Buzzfeed. When I’m not reading, I’m hanging out with my real life alpha man in a personal instalove story that has a happily ever after.

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