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November 16, 2018

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The Diner by Jennifer Wilck

“Do you like working at your firm?” He swallowed. Talk about changing subjects. “It has its challenges. It’s my dad’s firm. I started there because he expected it of me, and a smaller firm provides great experiences. But everyone watches the son of the lead partner to see how you’re treated.” If you screw up, it’s worse. He shrugged, letting his mouth spread in a half- smile. He looked around. God, he wished they served alcohol. don’t judge you, you sort of always think they are.” Her tone soothed him. This complete stranger understood. He looked at her over his half-eaten burger. Her eyes really were lovely. Her long lashes made shadows on her creamy skin. Her lips were pretty too.

Magnetic Pull by Vanessa Fewings

This man’s affection felt like the brightest star shielding the truth, and despite everything he still set my body alight. And yet there was a new threat looming… I broke away. “Someone might see.” “Don’t care.” “l do.” Astor intertwined his fingers with mine and led me toward the supply room. He opened the door and motioned for me to go on ahead. Did he know that I’d found out about the incident at Bridgestone? Had I given myself away? I walked in and headed all the way to the end of the small room, grateful weld talk in private. My gaze swept over the neatly stacked supplies and then settled on the bottles of Orris bulb oils on the top shelf…those overly expensive flowers caught in liquid form before blooming.

A Novel Christmas- Chapter 1 by Lynsey M. Stewart

I was going to die and it wasn’t going to be pretty. I instantly regretted not applying the extra coat of lip gloss before I boarded. To be fair, I never thought my time would come to an end on a plane so small it looked like something a child was controlling with a remote back at the airport, tongue sticking out in concentration, a will-he-or- won’t-he conundrum of what would be more enjoyable-continue to fly it, or see what happens if it crashes to the ground. I looked out the small window of the tiny plane to distract myself. It didn’t help. All I could see was water below. Angry. Rolling. Grey. Definitely freezing. It made me shiver just looking at, and for a second I wished Ild packed another pair of Christmassy pyjamas. The plane wobbled, and I realised fleecy pyjamas with a flashing Rudolph nose wouldn’t help me when I plunged to my death in the icy water below.


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