Mary Dubé Book Boyfriend Interview
Asher Knight from Wicked Knight by Sawyer Bennett

February 21, 2019

Book+Main is so excited to have Mary Dubé curating a monthly Book Boyfriend interview to be featured right here on our blog. Mary has become a staple in the romance community, providing top-notch recommendations and we are fortunate enough to have her as a Book+Main user. We hope you’ll check in the third Thursday of each month to see which book boyfriend she’s currently swooning over.


It’s a thrill whenever I discover a new book boyfriend, and I always want to share the joy and tell everyone about him. Now, Book+Main is allowing me to introduce you to a new sexy, swoony hero each month through an intimate conversation with him, and I am thrilled to bring you Sawyer Bennett’s Asher Knight from her latest must-read contemporary romance, Wicked Knight


About Wicked Knight:

He never wanted to be anyone’s hero…

Asher Knight is tall, dark, and wickedly handsome. He’s also irrevocably broken. Submerging himself in long hours at work by day and debauchery at The Wicked Horse by night, Asher uses work and play to numb the pain and guilt he feels over the death of his wife. What isn’t satisfied with one will surely be resolved by the other. At least that’s how he’s survived the last few years.

Hannah Madigan works three jobs just to make ends meet. Beat down by life, not to mention a cheating husband who was unfairly awarded custody of their daughter, Hannah is determined to make a better life for herself and get her kid back. But with pressures mounting and one costly mistake that leaves her owing Asher a huge debt, Hannah is as close as she’s ever come to throwing in the towel.

She’s given a golden opportunity…

Determined to stay the course by any means necessary, Hannah accepts an unusual proposal from Asher. He’ll give her a job. She’ll give him her body. Sounds easy, right? Until she realizes she needs his help more than she’s willing to admit. And he finds her adding to his life in ways he never wanted to accept.

This wicked knight may just learn that sometimes saving someone else means allowing yourself to be saved in return.




Mary: How did you first discover The Wicked Horse?


Asher: After the death of my wife I was angry. Bitter. And I closed myself off to the possibility of anyone ever being able to make me feel that way ever again. Looking for an outlet, I decided to check out The Wicked Horse, which was new to Vegas and the talk of the town. Some people hated the idea, while others loved it. I embraced it and used it as an outlet for my anger.


Mary: Tell readers a little about the club.


Asher: The Wicked Horse is, at it’s very core, a sex club. It’s a safe place for members to explore their desires, no matter what those might be. The majority of members are in committed relationships, though there are plenty of single members as well. As for the club itself, it is comprised of a variety of rooms—the social room, the silo, the deck, the orgy room, and a personal favorite of mine, the waterfall room.


Mary: What’s your favorite room or area at The Wicked Horse?


Asher: I always loved the variety offered in the silo, but after experiencing the waterfall room with Hannah, that is definitely my favorite. Seeing her naked and writhing under a cascade of water is one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen.


Mary: Tell us a little about your career.


Asher: I am the CEO of Knight Investment Group. We are in the business of property development, so we purchase land and/or buildings and develop housing and retail properties.


Mary: You lost your wife at a young age – 27. How do you think it changed you most?


Asher: I think it made me hard. It closed me off completely to everything but my work, so while my personal relationships suffered, my career flourished. In hindsight, it might not have been the healthiest coping mechanism.


Mary: What drew you to Hannah Madigan when you first saw her?


Asher: Full disclosure? Her ass. She’s got a great ass. Little did I know that every single aspect of her personality would put her ass to shame.


Mary: You’re very successful and used to getting what you want. What’s one thing you’ve wanted that you haven’t been able to obtain or achieve?


Asher: Honestly? I am a lucky son of a bitch. With Hannah and her beautiful daughter Hope in my life, I feel like I’ve got it all. Every damn thing I never knew I wanted.


Mary: What’s one adjective that you’ve heard your sexual partners use to describe you most?


Asher: Overachiever? *laughs* Let’s just say I’ve not had a lot of complaints.


Mary: Were you worried about introducing Hannah to The Wicked Horse?


Asher: Not at all. Our arrangement was very specific, and while I thought she might display some reticence, she showed not one ounce. She was confident and beautiful and accepted the deal for what it was.


Mary: Before meeting Hannah, did you ever see yourself as a stepfather?


Asher: Never. But I’ve got to tell you, Hope is the coolest. I could not ever ask for a better kid, and I totally think of her as my kid.


Mary: What’s your definition of happy-ever-after?


Asher: Hannah and Hope. The three of us, and any other children Hannah and I may decide to have, together. As long as we’re with each other, that’s my happy ending. Hannah makes me a better person. She and Hope helped me realize the immense capacity I have for love. And as long as I have that love, I can’t think of a better happy-ever-after.


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